Feb. 27 and March 3rd-Gallery talks at the Metropolitan: “Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard” (2/27) and “Reality Check: Truth and Illusion in Contemporary Photography” (3/7)

There are two upcoming Gallery talks at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Gallery Talks are held frequently at the Metropolitan in the exhibitions with the curator speaking about the work.

February 27th at 11 am- Walker Evans and the Picture Postcard With Jeff L. Rosenheim, curator of the Department of Photographs

“The exhibition displays hundreds of picture postcards drawn from the vast collection of the American photographer Walker Evans (1903–1975). This indigenous American realist art form directly influenced Evans’s artistic development, as is demonstrated by a selection of his own photographs, printed in 1936 on postcard photographic paper”

March 7th 7 – 8 pm Panel Discussion Reality Check: Truth and Illusion in Contemporary Photography With curator Marian Cohen

“This installation of works from the permanent collection (Reality Check: Truth and Illusion in Contemporary Photography) surveys the ways artists exploit photography’s illusionism to creat a sense of ambiguity about what is real and what is not”

Both talks are free, with museum admission.

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