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December 7th- Deadline Exteneded for “Crisis & Opportunity: Documenting the Global Recession”

CALL FOR ENTRIES: “Crisis & Opportunity: Documenting the Global Recession”

DEADLINE: December 1, 2009 December 7th, 2009

From the announcement:

In the spirit of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) of the New Deal in the 1930s, when photographers documented the hardship and proposed solutions, (SDN) is issuing a Call for Entries. We are looking for photo essays that provide insight into how ordinary citizens around the world are coping during these new “hard times” and how individuals, companies, industries, family businesses, communities, and governments are responding to the crisis.

We encourage a broad definition of the global recession. Suggested stories include those of people losing their jobs, homes, and health benefits; or the effects on vulnerable communities in conflict zones, global climate change; or how the UN’s millennium goals in economic development and health improvement have been stalled by lack of resources. We are also interested in how people and governments are working to overcome these challenges in creative ways such as agricultural development; wind, solar and other alternative energies; public health programs to stop the spread of disease; or technological innovations to reduce greenhouse gases and dependence on oil. These are just examples. We welcome new stories and approaches to documenting this important topic. If photographers are not sure if their stories fit into our definition of the global recession, they are encouraged to inquire at

First Place:
One photographer will be awarded:
A $1,500 cash prize.
Exhibition of their work in a group show with other winners at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY, from February 15 to March 14, 2010. SDN to pay for all reproduction, and hanging fees.
Invitation to participate on a panel discussion at the opening night reception at powerHouse Arena on February 16, 2010. (photographer will need to cover their travel expenses).
Exhibit featured in exhibition catalog printed by Meridian Printing, the leading printer of photography books in North America.
A featured exhibit on the SDN home page for two weeks and features in email spotlights.
A LowePro Vertex 300 AW backpack.

Honorable Mention:
Three photographers will be awarded: Exhibition of some of their winning work at powerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY in a group show from February 15-March 14, 2010. SDN to pay for all reproduction, and hanging fees.
Exhibit included in exhibition catalog.
Winning work featured on the website of and in email spotlights.
A LowePro Fastpack 350 backpack.

All competition winners will each receive five complimentary copies of catalog.

For more information visit: OR

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NPR’s On The Media this week: BOOK IT!

This is a wonderful hour on the future of the book – not to be missed!

From the website:

Book It

Too many books, not enough profits. That is the lament of many publishers these days. Plus, there’s the fear and loathing engendered by e-books. So, what is the state of the book industry and what can we expect in the coming years? Brooke takes a look at the present and future of books.”

From the website you can choose to listen, or download this week’s show and other related pieces.

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December 3rd, 7pm Gallery Talk: “Look Again” at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta

Gallery Talk: Look Again at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta

December 3rd at 7pm

Led by the exhibition’s curator, discover Look Again: A Selection of Photographs from the Permanent Collection during this gallery walk-through and discussion with Danielle Avram, the High’s Curatorial Assistant in Photography.

Look Again: A Selection of Photographs from the Permanent Collection
August 15, 2009, through January 10, 2010

“Mined from the High’s permanent collection, the 48 images in this exhibition investigate the intersection between reality and fiction within a photograph, through images created to subvert the viewer’s expectations. Photographers make numerous decisions when constructing a picture, utilizing the camera frame, the darkroom, light, shadows, focus and motion to create an image that conveys complex ideas or emotions—a statement about who we are and how we live.

The unique vision of innovators like Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Diane Arbus and William Eggleston, whose work is included in this installation, opened up new realms of possibilities for photography as a medium of expression. Combining the inherently technical nature of photography with a spirit of experimentation, the artists featured in this exhibition have created pictures that challenge the conventional idea that photographs are straightforward purveyors of truth.

With a wide range of twentieth-century works from artists as varied as Man Ray, Lee Friedlander, Frederick Sommer and Aaron Siskind, this exhibition presents photographs from the permanent collection in a fresh and exciting way. Viewers are invited to unravel the complexities behind each image, and encouraged to take the time to “look again.”

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Open Call for Singapore International Photography Festival

This years theme Singapore International Photography Festival open call is “Human:Nature”.  They will be accepting submissions through  March 31st,  2010.

There is also a portfolio review related to the event (Only 30 photographers will be accepted). For details click here.

From the website:

In 2008, Singapore International Photography Festival attracted a whopping 6,600 public submissions of photographic work from photographers around the world. 12% of the total submissions were the most outstanding prints, which were shortlisted and exhibited across Singapore. The submissions were not restricted to any fixed subject or theme but selected works were grouped according to various themes by the Festival’s four curators.

Now, the 2nd SIPF 2010 commences with two categories for open call. The open-ended theme category continues with the purpose of unearthing new works and talents. This year’s festival incorporates a brand new themed category titled, ‘HUMAN: NATURE’ to address universal concerns faced by the world. The duality in the theme can be freely interpreted either as ‘Human Nature’ or ‘Human & Nature’. The ‘colon’ represents a relationship and a balanced ratio between Human and Nature. Thematically, this category is an ambitious call for creative interpretation on HUMAN: NATURE.

SIPF 2010 prides itself to be the platform for Southeast Asian photographers to showcase their photography works alongside their international counterparts. For the first time, a solo exhibition will be dedicated to a prominent Southeast Asian (SEA) photographer and audience can expect a showcase highlight of a prominent SEA photographer each biennale.

SIPF programmes & exhibitions will stretch over 30 days from 10th Oct 2010 onwards. Besides the crucial SEA Emerging Artist series for professionals, SIPF continues to broaden the public appreciation for photography with free public talks, seminar, forum and more.

Please be reminded that the deadline for open call submission is 31 March 2010.

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December 1st- David Goldes Artist Talk at Mpls Photo Center

On December 1st at 7:00pm photographer David Goldes will be giving an Artist Talk at the  Mpls Photo Center

About the artist (from the MoCP website)

Using the physical world as a metaphor, David Goldes uses his extensive scientific knowledge to create striking images of such things as water’s surface tension. Using water, electricity, air movement, wind, and breath, Golde manipulates and observes the phenomena to illustrate science’s omissions, taking the descriptive aspect as his foundation and invoking metaphor, memory, narrative and emotion. In the above works, Goldes shows the relationship of our self-conceptions to the physical world.

For more information email

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December 10th- “The Projected Image” Panel Discussion at Aperture

On Thursday, December 10th 7:00 p.m. there will be a panel discussion about  “The Projected Image” as part of the series “Confounding Expectations: Photography in Context”

For more details click here.

From the announcement:

“The Projected Image” will explore the multiple ways contemporary artists utilize projections and installations to display still photographic images to create immersive and cinema-like experiences in museums and galleries. Departing from large-scale, tableau treatments of photographic images printed and framed as wall-based objects, exemplified by Jeff Wall, Andreas Gursky, and Gregory Crewdson, many contemporary artists today employ projection devices—ranging from analogue to digital high-definition—to display their work as immaterial light projections, often incorporating temporal and audiovisual elements that recall cinematic contexts yet retain distinctly photographic qualities.

George Baker, associate professor of art history, UCLA, moderates the discussion, along with a panel of artists that includes Andrea Geyer, Paul Pfeiffer, others to be announced.

This event is part of the tenth season of the series “Confounding Expectations: Photography in Context” presented by Aperture in collaboration with Vera List Center for Art and Politics and Parsons the New School for Design.

The New School  Tishman Auditorium

66 West 12th Street, New York, NY

(212) 229-5353

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Sunday, November 29th through December 6th

Sunday, November 29th through December 6th – The Picture Black Friday Project will be accepting submissions for one week.
Details: Photographers can submit up to 5 of their best images of and about Black Friday. Up to 400 characters of supporting text may accompany your images.
From the announcement:
On Monday November 9th,we launched a new project called “Picture Black Friday“.
The project is an open call to photographers nationwide to photograph the event that unofficially rings in the holiday shopping frenzy here in the U.S.
Some of you may remember that last year at a Walmart in Long Island, NY, just before the store was to open at 5 am the doors shattered under the weight of the crowd  and security guard  Jdimytai Damour was trampled to death as a stampede of shoppers barreled over him.  The news was quickly forgotten, but it got us thinking of the countless factors that went into to this unnecessary death.
Picture Black Friday is a project that aims to revisit the forces at work – a worsening economy, financial instability, fear and how everyday people get swept in to this mentality of the masses often manipulated
by corporations hoping to create hype – all on the morning after Thanksgiving.
I came up with the idea for the project after discussing some of these same issues with fellow artists last year.  Over the last few weeks and months I’ve teamed with Jake Stangel of Too Much Chocolate and Joerg Colberg of Conscientious, to launch the project.  We’ve also put together an amazing group of people to jury the submissions,  photographers Amy Stein and Brian Ulrich, curator/photographer Jon Feinstein of Humble Arts Foundation and Stephen Frailey, photographer and the head of the SVA Photography Department, in addition to Joerg, Jake and myself (John Saponara)
Were hoping to collect some of the best works that are submitted and initially create an online gallery, but then a selected artist from the group will also be featured on “Conscientious” and Too Much Chocolate.
For complete details please see our website,

To see a list of jurors click here.

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November 20th- Early Deadline for Woman in Photography with Jurors Charlotte Cotton and Jon Feinstein

November 20th is the Early Deadline for Humble Arts Woman in Photography with Jurors Charlotte Cotton and Jon Feinstein

From the website:

“In March 2010, in honor of Women’s History Month, Humble Arts Foundation ( will present its second edition of 31 Women in Art Photography, a six-week exhibition celebrating 31 of the most innovative women in emerging art photography. The exhibition will be co-curated by Charlotte Cotton and Jon Feinstein, and open at Affirmation Arts in NYC during The Armory Show 2010 (March 4-7).

Submission Deadlines
Early: Friday, November 20, 2009, 12AM
Late: Friday, December 18, 2009, 12AM

In order to keep the show as fresh and diverse as possible, photographers who exhibited in our 2008 exhibition are not eligible.

Image Submission
Image size: 600 pixels wide
Image format: .jpg, sRGB, 72dpi

Text Submission
Bio: 100-words or less
Work statement: 100-words or less
CV: One-page, optional

Submission Fees

Early: Friday, November 20, 2009, 12AM
Three images: $15
Unlimited images: $30

Late: Friday, December 18, 2009, 12AM
Three images: $25
Unlimited images: $40″

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November 27th- Project Basho’s ONWARD Deadline Extended

The Deadline  has been extended for Project Basho’s Onward 10 to November 27th .

From the earlier post:


Project Basho is pleased to announce ONWARD ‘10, an annual juried photography competition exclusively featuring the work of new and emerging photographers with unique vision and talent. The theme for ONWARD is open, and any photographic medium from historical processes, traditional silver prints, chromogenic prints to digital prints can be submitted for consideration. Debbie Fleming Caffery, noted documentary photographer and Guggenheim Fellow, will judge this year’s competition. Please visit the ‘This Year’s Juror’ section for more information.

Selected work will be featured in a group exhibition at Project Basho Gallery in February and March 2010 as well as in Project Basho’s online gallery. Special recognition will be awarded in the form of cash prizes and the opportunity for a two-person show at Project Basho Gallery. Additionally, a selection of artists will be chosen to exhibit their work on Flak Photo (, a daily photography website that celebrates the art and culture of photography online. Produced by Andy Adams, the site highlights new series work, book projects and gallery exhibitions from an international community of contributors.

Last year, ONWARD ‘09 attracted over 400 applicants with over 1600 photographs nationally and internationally. Peter Barberie, the Curator of Photographs at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, selected  73 photographs, by 69 emerging photographers, which were exhibited at Project Basho Gallery during the months of January and February.

  • Application deadline:11/13/’09 11/27/09
  • Notice of acceptance:12/18/’09
  • Delivery of accepted work:
  • 01/15/’10
  • Exhibition opens:02/01/’10
  • Opening reception:02/13/’10

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November 19th and 22nd- Gina LeVay “Sandhogs” Lecture and Booksigning

Photographer Gina LeVay will be presenting her new book “Sandhogs” at several upcoming events

About the book (from the website)

Sandhogs is an original portal to the unseen characters and systems of underground New York—revealing the essential “art form” of mining in the modernized city. In 2003 Gina LeVay was granted rare access to photograph the “hogs,” in the tunnel and at off-site locations. “The Sandhog Project” is a multi-faceted work of photo, video, web, and installation art, which explores the figurative and literal overlay, and mutual dependency of the surface city and this underground world. With the Sandhogs book and accompanying exhibitions, LeVay introduces the public to this vibrant and intricate subculture, bringing their rich, extraordinary, subterranean imagery to the surface for the first time ever.

November 19, 2009 7:30 pm Book signing and talk at Barnes and Nobles, Greenwich Village NYC, More information
November 22, 2009 1-2pmBook signing and talk B&H Photo & Video, More information
December 7, 2009 7pm Book signing & talk McNally Jackson Books, Soho,  More information

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