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Creative Capital’s Professional Development Workshops for 2009: Orlando, Kansas City, Missoula, Tucson, San Antonio, Harrisburg and Penland

Creative Capital is an incredible organization that has a range of offerings for artists and arts organizations, you should all familiarize yourself with its contributions to the arts.   A favorite program of mine:  PDP, the Professional Development Program, launched in 2003.  This year the PDP workshops are coming to the cities listed above.

For a full list of workshops offered, dates and cities, click here; sign up for the e-newsletter here.

From the website“Who is the Creative Capital Professional Development Program for?  While the workshops are useful for artists in all disciplines and at any stage in their careers, they are geared towards artists who have made a serious commitment to the pursuit of a professional artistic practice. Our participants are individuals who create, on an ongoing basis, original works of art and are pursuing this work as a means of livelihood or a way to achieve the highest level of professional recognition. PDP is designed to build on the readiness of artists who are able and willing to take full responsibility for directing their careers.”

For a link to the calendar for these workshops, click here.  The next city is ORLANDO, FLORIDA on February 20-22.

From the website listing for the Orlando event:

“If you are interested in applying to participate in this workshop, please contact Morgan Lewis via email at

If your city is not listed, why not encourage your local arts organization to become a partner and sponsor a PDP workshop in the future?

Don’t miss the opportunity to attend a Creative Capital PDP event, and continue your education on effective management of your artistic life.

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