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November 2006 issue of Fast Company . Interesting cover story on Gordon Bell, a computer scientist at Microsoft who has for the past 7 years embarked on a project to save everything – every email, a digital and audio recording of every conversation, family histories, EVERYTHING – his goal is to never forget anything, and have it at his fingertips, searchable through his “MyLifeBits” software. He states: “We’ve come to a time when machine memory creates ideas we’ve never considered.” A daunting but awesome concept. Another story on viral market is also fascinating. Fact within: Total ad revenue, 2005: PRINT, $47.4 billion (+1.5 % since 2004), ONLINE, $2 billion (+31% since 2004). Also read a report on the annual conference POP!TECH which just wrapped it’s tenth annual event with an enviable roster of presenters from artists to entrepreneurs to self-described “brainiacs.” Lastly, the article laying out the mechanics of Rumblefish, a portal for licensing independent music, makes me think it is very, very similar to the model that the image licensing industry has been utilizing for decades now, except that in the music licensing model, the creator has a 50%/50% split with the agent. Those were the days, eh? That pay structure is now, sadly, ancient history for image licensing fees as market pressure has forced agencies to seek (or require) multiple distributors, each getting a slice of the pie . Here’s hoping the musicians can keep their 50%, as the market for music as an essential element within multimedia programming grows.

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DECEMBER 4th: CRITICAL MASS, 10 images digitally submitted, which will be circulated to 200 judges who will vote for the work they feel most deserves publication. On their website you will see the work of last year’s winners, all of whom had solid bodies of work and will be duly rewarded with forthcoming publications:
I will again be serving as a Judge and look forward to seeing your work. My best advice is to submit 10 images that are from the same project or body of work, rather than trying to show the judges how versatile you are… And, “less is more” when it comes to your accompanying artist statement. Short and to the point. Remember we may have hundreds of statements to read; make yours an effective introduction to seeing your work, as if it were an introductory wall panel at an exhibition venue, or on your website.

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Inauguration Day

MARKETING PHOTOS with Mary Virginia Swanson

I passed a billboard in an airport last week that claimed 1,200,000 was the number of people who posted to blogs every day. Amazing. So today I inaugurate my blog, MARKETING PHOTOS with Mary Virginia Swanson, which I intend to use as a space to share thoughts about great work I’ve seen (“MVS Photo Favorites”), articles not to be missed (“Reading Matters”), competitions to enter (“Upcoming Deadlines”) and “Market Musings.” NYC and internet-based gallerist Jen Bekman, whom I met at the recent PhotoPlus Expo, shared with me that a daily writing routine has been essential for her as an influential blogger, and I shall aspire to do the same. I travel frequently and trust that my observations will likely reference a broad range of material pertinent to many of my readers. Visit often to stay current.

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