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Thanks so much for visiting the past five years, and hope you will bookmark my new website.

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Multimedia? It’s on the WWW – TODAY – LIVE EARTH

If you have had any doubts about the value of multimedia tools towards engaging new and diverse audiences, today’s broadcast of the Live Earth concerts should close the door on that discussion. It is incredible – the mix of music, information, and community involvement is outstanding. The short films too are not to be missed.

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New Museum Announces the Altoids Award for Emerging Artists

The New Museum and long-time supporter Altoids, the Curiously Strong Mints®, have announced the establishment of The Altoids Award. “A first of its kind, the prize will be awarded biennially by the New Museum to four emerging artists nominated and selected by a panel comprised entirely of other artists. The award will consist of a $25,000 cash prize for each of the four winners – totaling $100,000 — as well as a joint exhibition at the New Museum’s new building on the Bowery.”

It is important to note that this important grant – with significant cash awards – is not something artists may apply for; another argument for you to get your work out into the arts community, update targeted professionals on your accomplishments and newest works, etc.

How can you be nominated for one of the growing number of grants that are decided by nomination only if we don’t know your work?

More from the press release:
“The unique award selection process calls for a geographically and stylistically diverse group of ten artists to each nominate up to five emerging artists, which they have identified as producing especially innovative, unusual and powerful work. The nominators themselves were selected for the quality of their work and their proven commitment to publicly supporting the artistic community through writing, teaching, organizing exhibitions and running alternative spaces.

The nominators for the first Altoids Award will be:

Edgar Arceneaux, Los Angeles
Allora and Calzadilla, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Mitch Cope, Detroit
Trisha Donnelly, San Francisco
Harrell Fletcher, Portland, OR
Jay Heikes, Minneapolis
Matt Keegan, New York
Rick Lowe, Houston
Frances Stark, Los Angeles
Michelle Grabner, Chicago

Several of the nominators – Edgar Arceneaux (2002), Trisha Donnelly (2001), Harrell Fletcher (2002) and Jay Heikes (2002) – were also selected early in their careers for the New Museum’s Altoids Curiously Strong Collection. The first four Altoids Award recipients will be chosen from the nominated pool of artists by three established artists known for their ground-breaking work and for their unflagging commitment to engaging and supporting new talent: Paul McCarthy, Cindy Sherman and Rirkrit Tiravanija.The recipients will be announced in early 2008, and a presentation of their work, organized by New Museum Curator Massimiliano Gioni, will debut in the first floor gallery of New Museum’s new Bowery home in fall 2008.”

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Meeting Place FotoFest Beijing 2006: Gallery now on online at Photo-eye

Report by Fred Baldwin and Wendy Watriss from FotoFest:

“A new Internet gallery, designed and hosted by, is the worldwide extension of the Meeting Place FotoFest Beijing 2006 and a new partnership between Chinese and U.S. photography organizations, supported by China Hewlett Packard.

The 34 photographers shown in this gallery have been selected by the international reviewers at MPFB as being some of the most interesting artist/photographers they encountered in Beijing. Names and affiliations of the reviewers are available on the new gallery.

The Meeting Place FotoFest Beijing 2006 grew out of the trip we made in November 2005 to the LianZhou PhotoFestival in south China and the subsequent trip to FOTOFEST 2006 by ten Chinese curators, photographers, journalists, and businessmen. Two of them, GAO Lei and Jimmy Chu, proposed that FotoFest collaborate in creating a Meeting Place portfolio review in Beijing. We agreed and set the conditions under which the collaboration could function. Three months later, China Hewlett Packard had raised $133,000 and made the event move forward.

Following a national press conference they held in Beijing during July 2006 in the building of China Hewlett Packard, FotoFest organized and invited important national/international curators to be portfolio reviewers. Most people accepted, and the list of 30 reviewers was very impressive – leading museums, artist spaces, festivals, commercial galleries, photo agencies in Europe, North America and Australia. Five Chinese curators were invited to review. [The list of reviewers is included at the end of the narrative report.]

Based on FotoFest’s registration templates, the Chinese organizers created a new website and web-based registration process. They advertised throughout China. Over 1,000 Chinese photographers applied for the advertised 260 spaces for the four-day period. The website had four million visitor hits between August-October 2006. The portfolio reviews were free. China Hewlett Packard was the principal sponsor and main organizer of MPFB2006. Special support for FotoFest’s work came from Mary Lawrence Porter. In China, additional support came from Q Image, Beijing and China Photography Magazine.

The MEETING PLACE FOTOFEST BEIJING 2006 (MPFB2006) was full. The 278 photographic artists, documentary photographers and photojournalists came from almost every province in China, including the largest cities and many rural areas. Every reviewer had a translator for the four-day period. Leading up to the event, one of the Chinese organizers, GAO Lei, Beijing photographer and founder of Q-Imaging, gave photographers free workshops in how to organize portfolios and create CDs for the reviewers. With help of printing from China Hewlett-Packard, Q-image Lab and GAO Lei, a master printer, 25 percent of the registrant photographers received free printing for the portfolios they presented.

The organization of the event was flawless. China Hewlett-Packard, worked with GAO Lei and the co-organizer Jimmy Chu, from Hong Kong, who did all the logistics – hotel, meals, review scheduling, travel reimbursements, transportation in Beijing, tour of Beijing (Great Wall, Tiananmen Square, and Forbidden City), opening and closing ceremonies, press conference, publicity, special ceremonies, etc.

For most reviewers, MPFB2006 was their first trip to China. Almost all reviewers have said they plan to work with one or more Chinese photographers as a result of this event – exhibitions, gallery representations, published portfolios. Some plan to purchase works.”

View the gallery and work at

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Your Business/Your Business Plan

To be successful in business – any business – you must think like an entrepreneur. I encourage artists to a recent Business Week Magazine’s BUSINESSWEEKONLINE SMALL BIZ posting called “Harnessing the Power of Marketing.” The intro: “No matter what industry your business is in, it’s crucial to define your market, figure out how to reach it, and stay on top of changes.” I stress many of these issues in my MARKETING GUIDEBOOK FOR PHOTOGRAPHERS but remember, business is business. The business of art is as important as the making of art. Think of the artists you most admire and respect, and consider how you learned of their work, where you viewed their work in person, where you perhaps read critical reviews, monographs and the like… whether they are marketing their own work or the have marketing partners, they are building successful careers.

More on the business of art to come on this blog, and in the updated 2007 edition of my book.

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