April 16th: Shelby Lee Adams Lecture at San Francisco Art Institute

As part of the PhotoAlliance‘s Spring 2010 Lecture Series, Shelby Lee Adams will be giving an exciting lecture, below are the event details:

Date: April 16th, 2010

Time: 7:30pm

Location: San Francisco Art Institute Lecture Hall

800 Chestnut Street, San Francisco, CA (at Jones Street)

Ticket Information: $10 general admission, $5 students with ID, tickets available at the door.

A selection of Shelby Lee Adams Artist Statement from the PhotoAlliance website:

“My work has been an artist search for a deeper understanding of my heritage and myself, using photography as a medium and the Appalachian people as collaborators with their own desires to communicate. I hope, too, that viewers will see in these photographs something of the abiding strength and resourcefulness and dignity of the mountain people…I love these people, perhaps that is it, plain and simple. I respond to the sensual beauty of a hardened face with many scars, the deeply etched lines and flickers of sweat containing bright spots of sunlight…My greatest fear as a photographer is to look into the eyes of my subject and not see my own reflection.”


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