April 15: Lecture by Kenro Izu at PRC/Boston University

I have just returned from the Palm Springs Photography Festival and one of the highlights was hearing Kenro Izu speak about his own photographic work and his philanthropic journey towards founding the Ankor Hospital for Children – he is an extraordinary man whom you must meet one day.  There will be a benefit in NYC on April 13th – click here to purchase tickets.  Two days later he will be speaking in Boston:

From the Photographic Resource Center Website:

“Lecture by Kenro Izu

Date: Thursday, April 15, 2010

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: Boston University’s Sargent College (Aud-101)

635 Commonwealth Ave. Boston, MA

BU T-Stop (BU East)

Cost: Members $10, Non-Members $15, Full-Time Students $5, Free for Students of Institutional Members.”

Kenro Izu Biography from the Palm Springs Photo Festival website:

“KENRO IZU is a well-known and collected fine art photographer. His gorgeous books are examples to all landscape photographers. Working with very large format cameras, in 1993, with his first visit to Cambodia, he began his important series, The Sacred Places Of Asia. He has continued his exploration of the world’s sacred places in South America, Egypt, the Himalayas and most recently, India and Bhutan. 1995 Izu became deeply moved by his encounters with children disfigured by land mines, and, in a remarkable instance of advocacy through photography, founded a non-profit organization, Friends Without A Border, building Angkor Hospital For Children (AHC) in January 1999. Kenro Izu is still responsible for its operations.

In his daily life, Kenro Izu is a much-sought-after advertising photographer with over 25 year’s experience in New York City where he opened his studio in 1974. His specialties are photographing jewelry, watches and cosmetics. In his other life – Izu is a well-known and collected fine art photographer. Izu is represented by the prestigious Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York. Kenro was born in Osaka, Japan.”


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