MVS to Savannah, Lecturing THIS FRIDAY 3pm at SCAD’s Arnold Hall

I’m giving a public lecture that is open to all this Friday. ┬áPlease join us!

Details on the SCAD Blog

Arnold Hall, 3pm

Can’t wait to be back in the land of SCAD Savannah!


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  1. Let me start by saying Thank You for coming to SCAD and giving us such a wonderfully informative and entertaining presentation! After listening to your lecture I found myself inspired to begin searching for galleries that support my particular style of photography/art. I searched online for hours and finally found an amazing gallery on the west coast that was curating artwork similar to mine. I sent them a very professional email about my work with a link to my website and the next day I heard back from them! Not only do they want me to participate in one of their upcoming shows, but they were so impressed by my work that they’d like to offer 1 to 2 of my images as a limited edition print through their gallery.

    I can’t thank you enough for motivating and directing me in the right direction and lets hope your instructions on marketing will lead to more opportunities than I ever could have imagined.


    Logan Zawacki
    Graduate Student, SCAD Savannah

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