March 13th Blue Earth Alliance Stephen Harrison Lecture in Seattle

From the Blue Earth Alliance Blog:

“Blue Earth is proud to host photographer Stephen Harrison presenting “Eye: Forgot It Had A Brain,” the third in our 2009-2010 lecture series on documentary photography focusing on global environments, social, and cultural issues. Harrison will be speaking in Seattle at the Frye Art Museum on Saturday, March 13 at 2 p.m.

“The limitations inherent in image making with camera and lens since 1839 are now gone,” according to Harrison. “Virtually any image capable of being visualized in the human imagination can today be implemented using a variety of tools. The camera is one of many. The inventions and discoveries made over the millennium by painters and sculptors are now relevant to constructing compelling images. In the midst of the dazzling array of images now flooding the world of art, profound technological advancements have been made in the neurosciences and related endeavors regarding that one single backstage organ called the brain. In literally the past ten years, our understanding of human brain and the visual cortex has been nothing less than spectacular. Like the Renaissance in the early 16th century, new exciting paradigms and questions are now emerging that have direct bearing on the visual arts: How can the scope of art and photography be expanded in lieu of these recent advancements? How are images represented in the brain? What vital neural processes influence the construction of meaning in visual images? What precisely is metaphor, and how does the process of conceptual mapping perform its invisible work in visual images? What does science have to say about the neural correlates of visual images that are interesting and transformative? This presentation will touch upon these topics as told by a seasoned and consummate photographer during his personal journey of image creation.”

Stephen Harrison, far from being retired, continues his lifelong intense involvement in photography and the fine arts. Harrison has a Ph.D. from Purdue University in engineering, a MA degree from Antioch University in psychology, and an M.D. from Yale University. He completed his psychiatric residence at the Neuropsychiatric Institute at UCLA. He trained in photography in the fine art department of both Purdue and the University of Illinois. By 1989, Harrison completed a Sanskrit to English translation of the Classical Indian text: “Bhagavad Gita.” He is the Author and photographer of the book: “Whispered Prayers: Portraits and Prose of Tibetans in Exile.” He has completed two films: one on Tibetans in Exile and a second based on the novel “Island of the Blue Dolphin” with an original score and music performed live by the Santa Barbara Symphony.

Tickets available at the door.  Free to Blue Earth and Frye members; $10 for non-members; $5 for students with ID.”

Upcoming Lectures

Jon Orlando – May 15, 2010
“Warriors for Peace: Stories of Resistance and Renewal”


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