ONLINE: Fraction Issue 11! And, interview with James Pomerantz in

Recent issues of online publications that will be of interested to my readers:

David Bram, editor of the online magazine Fraction announced the release of Issue 11 of Fraction Magazine is about place and features the work of Liz Kuball, Jonathan Blaustein, Gordon Stettinius, John Divola and Brian Ulrich, with an review of the exhibition Versus, by Mary Goodwin.  Access the issue here.

Darren Ching shared a link to the interview he and his partner Debra Klomp Ching completed with artist James Pomerantz which is now up on At Length, a “print friendly online magazine.”   You can view the piece here.

I am pleased that both David Bram and Darren Ching are participating in our upcoming workshop at FotoFest 2010, “BEYOND PRINT: Creative Communication in the Digital Age” to be held on March 16th in Houston.

Learn more about it in my earlier post.

And, join the conversation about online marketing, learning and use of social media at the Beyond Print fan page on Facebook!

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