Getty Center Events: February 10, 3pm: Lecture on Frederick H. Evans, and February 18th, 7 pm: Panel Discussion with Opie, Liao and Sing

Curator Spotlight:

The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans: Pictorial Treatment in the Realm of the Inanimate

Wednesday February 10, 2010
3 pm

Museum Lecture Hall, Getty Center

Anne Lyden, associate curator of Photographs at the Getty Museum, discusses Evans’s photographs of medieval cathedrals and their significance in the Pictorialist movements in Britain and the United States.

Complements the exhibition A Record of Emotion: The Photographs of Frederick H. Evans

Lecture is free, but Reservations are required; you can link to register from this link.

Also currently on view at the Getty Center:

IN FOCUS:  THE WORKER (through March 21st, 2010)


URBAN PANORAMAS: OPIE, LIAO, KIM (through June 6, 2010)

Click on the above link to find Catherine Opie, Jeff Chien-Hsing Liao and Soo Kim discuss their work.

Curator Virginia Heckert will moderate a panel discussion with the artists on February 18th at 7 p.m. in the Getty Center Auditorium.

As with the lecture on Frederick Evans, the panel discussion is free but reservations are required.


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