Deadline January 8th: PhotoSpiva’s 34th Annual National Photographic Exhibition

PhotoSpiva, the Spiva Center for the Arts‘ 34th Annual National Photographic Exhibition is accepting entries through January 8th.

This year’s Juror:  DEBORAH KLOCHKO, Director, Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA)

All submissions are submitted digitally; accepted entries must ship their images ready for exhibition in standard frames (see FAQ’s).   Each photographer submitting work must also submit an artist’s statement of no more than 200 words.  You will grow from this challenge…  no matter how hard this sounds, you will be glad your completed your statement, and my guess is that you will know your work, and yourself, better!

From the website:


“PhotoSpiva is a national competition hosted annually by Spiva Center for the Arts. Founded in 1977, PhotoSpiva has become the longest-running photographic competition of its kind in the U.S. As stated by the founders, the objective of PhotoSpiva is to “present an exhibition of excellence in photography, celebrating the scope and vigorous activity of today’s contemporary photographers.”

Co-Founder Jim Mueller stated, “We have intentionally avoided any categorization of either photographers or their work in setting forth the criteria for this competitive.” PhotoSpiva welcomes any photographic process as long as it is original artwork and has not been previously exhibited at Spiva Center for the Arts. This philosophy has created an unbiased forum for exhibiting and educating photographers. The PhotoSpiva prospectus, promotional materials and exhibition brochures are distributed to professional photographers, emerging artists, educators, students, and amateur photography enthusiasts throughout the United States.”


“Spiva is an independent community art center that traces its roots to a group of artists who formed the Ozark Artists Guild in 1948. Businessman George A. Spiva, who believed opportunities in the arts should be available to all, helped the Guild procure its first home.

Spiva serves a large geographic area that stretches from southwest Missouri into southeast Kansas, northeast Oklahoma, and northwest Arkansas. Its mission is to promote the arts, to nurture creative expression, and to stimulate and educate diverse audiences within the four-state region.”

I am proud to have judged this competition in 1985.  To view previous the images selected for inclusion in previous PhotoSpiva exhibitions, click here.


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