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Magenta’s FLASH FORWARD Extended until 1/17/2010

First email of the new year comes from Magenta Foundations‘s MaryAnn Camilleri: ¬†“As has sometimes happened in previous years, so many people tried to submit at once on the day of the deadline that some of them could not get through, or experienced random errors. Additionally, the submission system apparently started putting up the message that submissions were closed a few hours early, due to an error in the time zone settings on the server.

In order to ease the crunch and allow everyone who has been trying to submit to get their work in, the deadline for FLASH FORWARD 2010 has been extended to¬†January 17, 2010. This should allow the remaining submissions to be spread over a longer time and ease the load on the server, but if you still encounter any sort of trouble, please email and let us know.”

Click here to view the guidelines for submissions, and to begin your submission if you’re ready.


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