Deadline January 11th: The New Documentarian Award for a Long Term Project

The deadline is rapidly approaching for “The New Documentarian Award for a Long Term Project” established and sponsored by the Julia Dean Photo Workshops.   Entries must arrive at JDPW by 5 pm on Monday, January 11th.  Cash award to the first-place winner is $1000.00.

Click here for complete application instructions.

Click here to see the work of the 2008 finalists and winner Matt Eich, click here to see the work of the 2006 finalists and winner Keri Collins

I encourage those of you that are working on personal documentary project to apply.  The guidelines state that in addition to 15-25 images and an “inventory page” with complete caption information, each applicant must submit a “Statement of Purpose that includes a description of your project, your reasons for doing this project, what you hope to accomplish with this project, and the progress of the project.”

Completing the written component of this Award will be a challenge but one that I urge readers to tackle.  This, along with the challenge of editing your project images to a group no larger than 25, will provide you with the materials so often needed for grant applications, and make it easier for you to enter other competitions.   As my friend Susan kae Grant tells her students “If you don’t apply, you will have a 100% chance that your work won’t be selected.”  Start your edit!

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