December 3rd, 7pm Gallery Talk: “Look Again” at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta

Gallery Talk: Look Again at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta

December 3rd at 7pm

Led by the exhibition’s curator, discover Look Again: A Selection of Photographs from the Permanent Collection during this gallery walk-through and discussion with Danielle Avram, the High’s Curatorial Assistant in Photography.

Look Again: A Selection of Photographs from the Permanent Collection
August 15, 2009, through January 10, 2010

“Mined from the High’s permanent collection, the 48 images in this exhibition investigate the intersection between reality and fiction within a photograph, through images created to subvert the viewer’s expectations. Photographers make numerous decisions when constructing a picture, utilizing the camera frame, the darkroom, light, shadows, focus and motion to create an image that conveys complex ideas or emotions—a statement about who we are and how we live.

The unique vision of innovators like Ralph Eugene Meatyard, Diane Arbus and William Eggleston, whose work is included in this installation, opened up new realms of possibilities for photography as a medium of expression. Combining the inherently technical nature of photography with a spirit of experimentation, the artists featured in this exhibition have created pictures that challenge the conventional idea that photographs are straightforward purveyors of truth.

With a wide range of twentieth-century works from artists as varied as Man Ray, Lee Friedlander, Frederick Sommer and Aaron Siskind, this exhibition presents photographs from the permanent collection in a fresh and exciting way. Viewers are invited to unravel the complexities behind each image, and encouraged to take the time to “look again.”


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