November 12th- Three Concerned Women: Susan Bank, Stella Johnson, and Rania Matar at the Griffin Museum

On November 12th at 5 PM there will be a Panel Discussion at the Griffin Museum of Photography in Winchester, MA with the Photographers Susan Bank, Stella Johnson, and Rania Matar from the gallery show “Three Concerned Women”

The show will be up from November 12th- January 10th

From the announcement:
Susan Bank, Stella Johnson, and Rania Matar were students in various photographic workshops taught by Constantine Manos and they, eventually, all became friends. “What these three women share is a devotion to a kind of photography which celebrates the dignity of the human condition, no matter what the circumstance might be,” says Manos. “It was natural to bring the work of these three concerned women together in one space. Seen together, their photographs are a potent demonstration of the power of photography.” Bank’s project profiles the lives of Cuban tobacco farmers. Johnson photographed people in remote villages in Mexico, Cameroon, and Nicaragua. And Matar’s work focuses on women and children in the Middle East, especially in her native Lebanon.

The reception is open to all.

Panel Discussion, November 12, 5 PM
The photographers and curator discuss the role and responsibility of the documentary photographer in society. The discussion is facilitated by Glenn Ruga, founder of in Lowell, MA. Members, free; Non-members, $7.

For more information click here.

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