November 5th Opening and November 7th Artist Talk for Fotofest International Discoveries II Exhibition

Thursday, November 5 Nine artists from China, Mexico, Japan, Canada, England and France artists are being featured by FotoFest as outstanding ‘discoveries’ in the world of contemporary photography.

Alejandro Cartagena, Christine Laptuta, Rizwan Mirza, Takeshi Shikama, Kurt Tong and MiMi Youn are traveling to Houston to attend the opening reception, Thursday, November 5th, 6-9pm.

On Saturday, November 7 at 2pm, they will give free Artist Talks at FotoFest

From the announcement:

“The mixture of globalism, hybridism and cultural grounding is reflected in the selection of artists in this exhibition,” says FotoFest Chairman and Co-founder Fred Baldwin. “The emergence, growth and interconnection of non-profit photography festivals and commercial trade fairs across the world have made it possible for artists to move around and curators to find new work all over the world.”

International Discoveries II reflects a simultaneous turning to the past and the future, which characterizes so much of contemporary photo-based art. The prints in the exhibit display the delicate formalism of 19th century palladium and platinum printing, the intimacy of the mid-20th century Polaroid process, and 21st century large-format inkjet technology,” says FotoFest Senior Curator Wendy Watriss.

FotoFest 1113 Vine Street, Suite 101, Houston, Texas USA | 713.223.5522 |


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