October 22nd- Jerry Uelsmann presents at the Southeast Museum of Photography

On October 22nd 6:00 pm photographer Jerry Uelsmann will be presenting at the Southeast Museum of Photography

To watch video interview on Pix Channel click here.

From the PDN Legends site:

Jerry Uelsmann was born in Detroit, Michigan, and developed an interest in photography as a high-school student. He graduated in the first four-year B.F.A. degree program in photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1957 and published his first image in Photography Annual that same year. Uelsmann went on to continue his studies in audio-visual communications, art history and design at Indiana University, where he studied under Henry Holmes Smith, a professor whom Uelsmann says was his most important teacher and influence in life. “He changed the way I thought.” Uelsmann received his M.F.A. and M.S. degrees from Indiana University in 1960. That same year he began teaching photography at the University of Florida in Gainesville in 1960 (“my first job offer”) and was a graduate research professor of art at the University of Florida since 1974. He is currently retired from teaching.


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