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October 25th :DEADLINE Worldwide Photography Gala Awards “Four Seasons”

October 25th is the deadline for the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards call for Entries for their “Four Seasons” Contest.

From the website:

Worldwide Photography Gala Award’s mission is to recognize exceptional photographers through exhibitions, publications and by extensively promoting their work. Believing that everyone and every organization has a responsibility to contribute to the benefit of world humanity; WPGA donates a substantial portion of its revenues to established international organizations which advance the welfare of underprivileged societies. Save the Children is the humanitarian organization to benefit from these events.

THE FOUR SEASONS: There is one category, and as in other WPGA contests it is open to professional and non professional photographers who will compete together in color and black and white. The theme for this contest is the celebration of the Four Seasons: Spring, Summer, Winter and Autumn. All images should have a seasonal element and be submitted based on the season appropriate to the location in which it was taken.

WPGA would like to see images celebrating the seasons -in landscapes, cityscapes, people at work or on holidays, as well as images expressing the impact of the seasons on living conditions. In this sense documentary images are also welcome provided they represent a story related to a specific season. Although documentary can but does not necessarily mean drama and tragedy: it can also relate the joy of a summer camp or the happiness of a good harvest.

THE JUROR: For this contest there will be only one juror, G.M.B. Akash, photographer from Bangladesh who has an extraordinary professional trajectory, having been awarded by World Press Photo 2006 and selected as one of the 30 emerging photographers by the magazine Photographic District News (PDN 30). He’ll be the juror and will host the winner in an amazing  trip to Nepal, India or Bangladesh (location to be decided by the winner) that constitutes the prize of The Four Seasons Contest.
THE PRIZE: The winner of WPGA The Four Seasons contest will be awarded a paid trip, including lodging, to Nepal, India or Bangladesh, where he will have the chance to work with G.M.B. Akash on a 10-day photographic project to be decided and agreed by both winner and juror. Date and location of the trip will be freely discussed and chosen between juror and the awarded photographer. In case the winner decide not to travel (or cannot travel) the award will consist in a cash prize of three thousand US dollars.

Additionally, the images produced in this project, together with a visual prologue by G.M.B. Akash and selected images of runners up in the contest will be published in the book WPGA – Asia and The Four Seasons. Images selected by the juror will be exhibit in Asia and in another European or US city to be determined at a later time. Artist commissions (40%) of exhibition sales terms and conditions, and donation to Save the Children (40%) can be seen in Rules of Entry.
Entry fees can be seen in the respective page in this site, and submission process in the page SUBMIT.
As in all WPGA contests, the selected works will be posted in WonderPick Gallery, at no cost, for sales online.

Final Deadline: October 25th, 2009

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