November 6-7: SPE Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference

This year the regional conferences for the Society for Photographic education Northeast and Mid-Atlantic will be held together in Montclair, NJ on November 6th and 7th.

As part of the conference there will also be a Portfolio Review with several wonderful reviewers from the region.

From the website:

Executive Statement

Montclair State University will host the 2009 SPEMA and SPENE conference on the 6th–7th of November. The George Segal Gallery at MSU will host an exhibition of Andy Warhol’s polaroids and other photographs curated by William Ganis. The conference will offer practical opportunities for teachers, artists and commercial photographers through workshops, presentations, discussions, portfolio reviews and exhibitions.

The last few years has been characterized by contradictory economic effects upon photography—tightening budgets and a renaissance in amateur photography exert downward pressure in many areas in the commercial market, yet the fine art market, particularly in photography, has massively expanded and increasingly looks to younger emerging artists to fulfill the gallery opportunities.

The recent collapse of the market has changed the pragmatics of what to do but not the fundamental question: what is the relationship between the market and photographic practice? How does the market affect photographers, their methods, their aesthetics? Furthermore now there is a renewed interest in the role of teaching in relation to professional preparation—what is that relationship, and what do we do now?

Click here for the conference schedule.


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