October 1st, Tempe, Arizona: Suzanne Szucs speaks at “Hall of Mirrors” exhibition at ASU

Northlight Gallery on the campus of Arizona State University is hosting the group exhibition “Hall of Mirrors” through October 10th.    Participating artist Suzanne Szucs will be speaking on Thursday, October 1st at 7:00 p.m. on “Journal, In Progress” for which she has photographed herself every day for 15 years.

From the webpage:

“Hall of Mirrors features the photographs of contemporary feminist artists working in self-portraiture to explore issues of personal and cultural identity including race, class, body image and representation, sexual orientation, and gender issues through a variety of photographic processes and performance techniques. The slogan “The Personal is Political,” believed to be coined by Carol Hanisch in Notes from the Second Year (1969), lives on as the guiding light in the work of these artists.

The self-reflective images of Jen Davis and Suzanne Szucs skillfully reveal a raw vulnerability that irresistibly draws the viewer into their intimate spaces. Liz Cohen, Wilka Roig, and Min Kim Park investigate cultural stereotypes with an uncompromising eye that challenges us not to look away. And Mary Coble’s unflinching images of her dramatic tour de force performances of empathy and compassion challenge the viewer to examine what we might be willing to endure for the sake of another. In her series Blood Script, “The Political is Personal.”

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