October 3rd: Andrea Modica lecture at the Center for Photography at Woodstock

On October 3rd at 8pm Andrea Modica will be presenting work at the Center for Photography at Woodstock

From the CPW website:

Andrea Modica works with an 8×10 camera to slow down the process of picture making and to create intimate dramas. One of her images taught her that, until that moment, she had been photographing like a tourist. Learning to contemplate the fictitious town of Treadwell in upstate NY, she made pictures that were mysterious and portrayed the anguish of adolescence and the idea of growing up. The photographer balances sadness with empathy and brings a spiritual dimension to her work. Modica’s images include photographs of a halfway house, a Catholic girls school, and a minor league baseball team. Andrea’s photographs have been compared to those of Diane Arbus, Julia Margaret Cameron, and her friend, Sally Mann. A graduate of Yale University, her work has been shown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, and International Center of Photography, among many prestigious venues. New York Times, Elle, New Yorker, American Photo, and Vanity Fair have featured her work .  Sh has five monographs: Treadwell, Minor League, Real Indians, Barbara, and Human Being. The Edwynn Houk Gallery in NYC represents her work.

For more information on CPW’s lecture series click here.

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