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Kira Pollack leaving NYT Magazine, named director of photography at Time magazine

Today the New York Times’ LENS blog announced that Kira Pollack, the deputy photo editor at the New York Times Magazine has been named director of photography for Time magazine for both its print and web versions. Congratulations, Kira!  I know photographers have learned so much from working with you, and will continue to grow as you broaden your responsibilities and your readership at Time.

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Poke! Artists and Social Media at FotoFest

POKE!  Artists and Social Media at FotoFest in Houston, Texas
September 10 – October 24, 2009

From the Press Release:

“POKE! explores the inter-personal intentions of social media technology and
the nature of modern internet-mediated relationships with work that references and uses source material from popular
online social media websites such as Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Craigslist, and YouTube.”

Artist Inclued in the show are:
Curtis Mann
David Oresick
Marivi Ortiz
Brian Piana
Jon Rafman
Penelope Umbrico
Lee Walton

The show was curated by  Jennifer Ward who is also FotoFest’s Exhibitions Coordinator.

For more information, click here.

POKE! is on view at FotoFest, 1113 Vine Street, Houston, Texas 77002, Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm, Saturday noon-
5pm. Admission to FotoFest exhibitions is free.

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Oct. 15- The Summer Project Deadline

Foley Gallery presents the Summer Show Project

Unlike other photography competitions where you generally submit a completed body of your work, this one deals with creating a new body of work based on a theme given by a curatorial committee. Also you will have with guidance from the gallery throughout the project.

From the website:

The Summer Show Project offers the unique chance for artists to work directly with the gallery, creating new work to be curated in a group exhibition.

This new initiative will provide an opportunity for emerging photographers to have their work seen, recognized and reviewed by fellow artists, gallery directors, book editors, as well as curators from museum and corporate collections.

Upon acceptance, you will work on your own and with the guidance of gallery owner Michael Foley to create new work dedicated to a theme that will be suggested by the curatorial panel.  A total of 12 photographers will be selected by the panel to participate.

From January to April you will meet with Michael Foley either in the gallery or via iChat/Skype for two 30 minute sessions where you can discuss your progress and share what you have been working on.

In May, a final edit will be made and two photographs from each photographer will be curated into a group exhibition at FOLEYgallery opening in June 2010.  In addition to the work of these 12 photographers, additional selections will be curated into the show from some of the most well known contemporary photographers working today.

This is the first year for The summer Show Project. We invite you to submit your work to participate in this unique opportunity and share the experience of exposure, guidance, feedback, community, recognition and support.

We invite photographers from all disciplines to apply.  The Summer Show Project is open to all photographers world wide.

Deadline for submission is October 15, 2009.  The cost of submission is $40 by October 1 and $50 by October 15.  A good incentive to apply early.

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Oct. 31- PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Awards

PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Awards

From the website:

Change the world with your camera. The PhotoPhilanthropy Activist Awards provide a platform for student, amateur and professional photographers to publish Photo Essays designed to educate and engage people in a wide variety of social campaigns.

For more information:

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