F-stop Magazine: Brian Clamp on how he came to work with Amy Stein

We recently came across this article on The Fstop Mag Blog about how gallerist Brian Clamp came to show photographer Amy Stein in his gallery.

It is very interesting to here from Brian what aspect of her marketing efforts attracted him to show her work.

It is important for photographers to realize that their marketing efforts are important and also that these things all take time before you might reach your desired outcome.

Here Brian talks about Portfolio Review Events:

“Many artists optimistically (and unrealistically) believe portfolio review events such as Review Santa Fe (Santa Fe, NM), FotoFest (Houston, TX), Photolucida (Portland, OR), and Rhubarb Rhubarb (Birmingham, England), to name just a few, to be analogous to a lottery, where, if they are lucky enough to meet the right arts professional, they will soon be catapulted to the highest echelons of the fine art world.   While this has been the case in a few highly unusual instances, most of the time these are events where a lot of valuable networking occurs, and artists are able to plant seeds that may later flourish after a good deal of determination and old-fashioned hard work.  Such was the case with regard to Amy Stein and me.”

Find the full article here.


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