Sept. 12th- Soho Photo Alternative Process Competition.

Alternative Processes Competition

From the website:

Soho Photo’s Annual Alternative Processes Competition was initiated in 2005 with the objective of recognizing the achievements of those photographers who shun the new technologies and continue to craft their images the way photographers have done since the beginning of the medium – using alternative processes. These include cyanotype, Van Dyke Brown, platinum/palladium, gum dichromate, bromoil, salt print, ambrotype, tintype, and Polaroid transfer. Alternative processes result in the creation of unique, one-of-a-kind handmade images, with the imprint of the photographerÂ’s individuality and artistry.

But alternative photography is complicated and difficult to learn. And the handmade prints resist easy duplication – an advantage of digital or silver printing. But there is a resurgence of alternative methods as evidenced by new books, courses and conferences.

Soho Photo’s most recent competition resulted in a month-long show at Soho Photo that included the winning photographs of 28 photographers from all over the United States. Their work was chosen from that of 130 photographers who had submitted more than 500 photographs, representing the wide range of alternative methods. The juror for the 2008 competition was Dan Estabrook. In previous years’ competitions, jurors have included Christopher James and Tricia Rosenkilde.

For more info click here.


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