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September 6th: “Project 5” Portfolio Review in NYC

From the e-announcement:

Guidelines for applying to Project 5’s Portfolio Review

Date of Review: Sunday, September 20th

“Project 5 is proud to announce our first group Portfolio Review in New York City. Project 5 is a unique collaboration between Amador Gallery, ClampArt, Daniel Cooney Fine Art, Foley Gallery and Sasha Wolf Gallery that has grown out of years of friendship and shared ambitions in the photography market.

Project 5 hopes to foster a supportive environment for artists to receive constructive criticism and build an ongoing dialogue about their work with art world professionals.

After the formal reviews conclude we will have a short one hour meet and greet so that all the artists and reviewers will have an opportunity to meet each other and share contacts, ideas, etc.

To apply for Project 5’s Portfolio Review please send:

-A written description of your work

– A biography that outlines your education and professional experience.

– A link to your website, if you have one.

– 10 jpegs sent either in a zip file or attached to an email (or series of emails). The jpgs should be 100 dpi and 6 inches at the largest dimension.

Project 5’s Portfolio Review will consist of three 20-minute reviews with three of Project 5’s gallerists. Great consideration will be given to the matching of gallery owners and artists based on the strengths and experience of each.

Deadline for receipt of materials for this review will be September 6th and the artists will be notified of acceptance by September 9th. A $250 check made out to Project 5 will be due by September 12th.

Please direct any questions to or to any of the galleries involved.”

– – – – –

As this is a new event, here a few extra questions we asked the organizers:
We are wondering how the schedule will be set up? Will the event be held at one place, or will the photographer be going between the various galleries to meet each gallerist? Will there be any other events around the same time, other than the meet and greet to build the community aspect between the photographers?

We will schedule the reviews as to benefit the artists the very best we can. We will be sensitive to their time investment so hopefully no one will be left waiting very long. We will match up the reviewee and the reviewer to best benefit both as to style, genre etc. There will be a short meet and greet at the end of the day so that everyone will get to meet even if they weren’t matched up for a formal review. The event will be held at one gallery although we have not decided on the location yet.

How many people are being accepted, and who is jurying the acceptance is it the gallerists themselves (ie is there a chance for the photographers to get their work seen regardless if they are accepted)?When you submit The five people involved in Project 5 will see all the work submitted and we will be vetting the participants ourselves.

It seems like a great opportunity to have your work seen by these 5 gallerists, but what happens if you get a review with someone that you have met at another review event? If there is a situation where the artist has already met the reviewer we will certainly accommodate another schedule.

There will also be an Artists Salon planned for September 26th at Daniel Cooney Fine Art with Timothy Briner, Yola Manakhov, Jessica Dimmock and Cara Phillips speaking on their work and we are hoping to organize a series of panel discussions soon. More details to follow…


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