“Making Books, 21st-Century Style: An Interview with Rick Smolan” on AIGA.org

This dialogue between designer/critic/author Steven Heller and photographer/publisher Rick Smolan was printed on the AIGA website 7/21/09:

Making Books, 21st-Century Style: An Interview with Rick Smolan

They discuss the recent publication that Rick and his wife and collaborator Jennifer Erwitt created:  The Obama Time Capsule, “a customizable documentary book that enables the user to be part of history.”  Heller continues:  “The implications for this project are profound.  Will it transform book publishing?  or is it simlyone in a series of digital novelties?  A veteran publisher and packager, Smolan talks about the impeturs for doing this book and the future as he sees it.”

The project is a collaboration with HP (utilizing HP Indigo digital presses) and is available exclusively at Amazon, with customization/fulfillment by RPI in Seattle.

The publication’s website’s opening ‘how to’ video is fantasic – a must see!

Amazing.  There was an interesting piece on PBS’ Newshour last week worth seeing/reading the transcript:  “Publishing Industry Confronts Changing Reader Habits.”

This dialogue to be continued…


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