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FotoFest “Meeting Place” Reviewers: Preliminary lists posted; registration closes July 13

I’ve had many questions from photographers about which session to select as their first choice, which their alternate at next springs “Meeting Place Portfolio Review” event during FotoFest 2010 Biennial in Houston.

The preliminary list of Reviewers whom have accepted invitations is available here on the FotoFest website for your consideration, organized by specific session they will attending.

When determining which session will be most valuable to you, look hard at this list of industry professionals, read their bios, consider how interested you are in meeting with them (or showing your work to them again, if some time has passed and your project has evolved or finished).  I also urge you to take the opportunity to meet with individuals representing other cultures, or other aspects of our industry with whom you might not otherwise have a chance to share your work.

Note that all four review sessions will feature an evening “portfolio walk” where participating photographers will have the opportunity to share their work with each other, the entire roster of Reviewers and the general public.  Each session will also hold an informal discussions with one of the invited curators at the Biennial, to which all Meeting Place registrants will be invited.

In addition to prioritizing those Reviewers you would like to work with, I’d also strongly encourage you to weigh the value of the educational programming offered on the day between session one and session two:

“UTILIZING ONLINE MEDIA TOOLS”  Tuesday, March 16th (coordinated by myself and photographer Katrina d’Autremont with special guests including gallerist/curator/photo editor and more)

and the educational programming offered on the day between session two and session three:

“CREATING MULTIMEDIA PLATFORMS FOR ART” Sunday March 21st featuring BRIAN STORM, Founder of Media Storm.  Among the most recent multimedia pieces launched on Media Storm are  “Intended Consequences” by Jonathon Torgovnik and “Driftless” by Danny Wilcox Frazier.  Additional presenters to be announced.

and this last educational program on the day between sessions three and four:

“CURATING FOR THE CONTEMPORARY ART WORLD” Sunday, March 28th focuing on the art of curating exhibitions and contemporary curatorial practices.  Speakers include curators invited to creatue the U.S. exhibitions for FotoFest’s 2010 Biennial and senior museum curators.


Registration is open now for The Meeting Place Portfolio Review, closing at the end of the day on July 13th.

From the event webpage:

“If, on July 14th, 2009, FotoFest has received more Meeting Place registrations than spaces available, a lottery is conducted for all Meeting Place registrants.”

Those not accepted at that point are added to a WAITING LIST.

This morning I confirmed with Wendy Watriss, Founder and Artistic Director of FotoFest, that the lottery (should it be necessary) ls “blind” with names/dates submitted not factoring towards acceptance.

HOWEVER – if a lottery is necessary, and if you are not accepted for participation via the lottery and thus placed on the WAITING LIST, the date that you submitted your registration factors in at this point – the waiting list is constructed by date your registration was submitted.   Again, this date is not a factor in the lottery, but IS a factor should you be placed on the waiting list.

Registration closes at the end of the day on July 13th, 2009.

As always, I urge you to make hotel reservations early, and clearly understand all cancellation policies – be they for Meeting Place, airfare, hotel..

I look forward to FotoFest with great anticipation; I’ll be there for the first two review sessions and the first two educational seminars.


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