June 13: FotoFest 2010 Meeting Place Q&A at the Houston Center for Photography

FotoFest 2010 -Meeting Place Q & A at the Houston Center for Photography

Those of you within driving distance of HCP – how lucky for you to be able to attend this important informative session about THE MEETING PLACE that will be held during the FotoFest 2010 Biennial!

Registration for The Meeting Place is open through July 13th; when you register you will be asked to select which of the four 4-day review sessions you prefer to attend, and an alternative.  The lottery to select participants will begin on July 14th

From the HCP event webpage:

Saturday June 13, 2009, 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM

“Come learn how you can participate in next year’s FotoFest Meeting Place. FotoFest Meeting Place directors, Marta Sánchez Philippe and Sarah Craig, and Exhibition Coordinator Jennifer Ward will provide a crash-course in preparing for “The Meeting Place” upcoming portfolio review during FotoFest 2010.

Learn how to apply, what you need to bring, who you want to see, and how to present your work in the best possible way, in this hour-long discussion.

Participants are encouraged to come with specific questions and a review-ready portfolio for advice on presentation (content will not be discussed).”

For details on this event at HCP click here.

And, to read my recent post about the value of attending portfolio reviews, click here.


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