April 21st: “Tuesday Artists’ Talks” features Todd Deutsch at Mpls Photo Center

On Tuesday April 21st photographer Todd Deutsch will speak about his project “Gamers” at the Mpls Photo Center in Minneapolis.  (MPLS – that’s short for “Minneapolis”)

To RSVP for this talk, or the final in the series Doug Beasley on May 19th, click here.

Todd Deutsch will exhibit his documentary project, “Gamers,”  from April 21 to May 17.

“These photographs were made at local area network (LAN) parties in suburban Minneapolis. Hardcore video game players set up their computers in an empty storefront or hotel ballroom for 2 days of continuous gaming. They play head- to- head over a temporary network dedicated to first person video combat. Players adopt aliases and enter the game from the point of view of their assumed on- screen identity. The room smells like overheating electronics and hyper- caffeinated gamers. It is an overwhelmingly male world fueled by Red Bull, Monster Energy drink, and electric blue bottles of Bawls. 

Gaming culture is closely linked to the emotional, physical, and social turmoil of boyhood adolescence. A broad social queasiness toward video games mirrors a long- standing uneasiness surrounding adolescent boys. Many of the hardcore gamers thrive on the fringes of mainstream culture. Their status as computer geeks, outcasts, and loners makes them sympathetic underdogs. Their association with ultra- violent games casts them as time bombs on the verge of becoming sociopaths. Gamers are the contemporary archetypes of male adolescence.”

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