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April 4th-Chicago Art Institute, 1-5 pm: “Yousuf Karsh and the Art of Photographic Portraiture”

At the Chicago Art InstituteApril 4th- 1-5 pm there will be a symposium entitled Yousuf Karsh and the Art of Photographic Portraiture. It will be held in conjunction with the exhibition Yousuf Karsh: Regarding Heroes

From the website:

Great photographic portraitists produce images in which a reflection of their own temperament is just as influential as how the camera records the physical appearance of their sitters. Further, the reason why a portrait is made affects the approach taken by the photographer. When the subject is the photographer’s client, the sitter expects to be pleased; when the portrait is commissioned for editorial purposes, the sitter may have little say in how the portrait is made or distributed. Likewise, when portraits are made as part of a personal effort to document a social situation, the photographer is in sole control of the meaning he or she intends for the portrait. Four experts in the field will discuss these issues in sympathy and in contrast to the exhibition Yousuf Karsh: Regarding Heroes, which celebrates the centenary of the birth of Yousuf Karsh in Galleries 1–4.

Jerry Fielder, Director and Curator of the Estate of Yousuf Karsh will discuss his personal, 25-year association with Karsh.

Colin Westerbeck, Director of the California Museum of Photography at the University of California, Riverside will discuss the work of Irving Penn and Richard Avedon as editorial portraitists for Harper’s Bazaar, Vanity Fair, Vogue, and other magazines.

David Travis, former Chair and Curator of the Department of Photography at the Art Institute of Chicago will discuss why Yousuf Karsh may be the last of his kind.

Dawoud Bey, photographer and professor of photography at Columbia College Chicago will discuss his own work as a portrait photographer and documentarian.

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