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March 31st: Michael Berman to lecture in Santa Fe

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

As part of the “Through the Lens: Creating Santa Fe” Lecture Series sponsored in conjunction with the Photography Department/Marion CenterĀ  at the Museum New Mexico:

Michael Berman, 2008 Guggenheim Photography Fellow, will be lecturing about his work Grasslands: The Chihuahuan Desert Project.

From the Museum of New Mexico Media Center website:

“Berman, a 2008 Guggenheim Photography Fellow, lives and works in the Black Range along the Mimbres River in southwest New Mexico. His photographs are included in Through the Lens, and photographs from his ongoing endeavor, Grasslands: The Chihuahuan Desert Project, supported by Guggenheim, will be published this year in Trinity, the third book of the border trilogy, The History of the Future, with author Charles Bowden.”

The event will be held at the New Mexico Film Museum.

This lecture series is in conjunction with the exhibit held at the Palace of the Governor

From the website:

Through the Lens
Nov 21, 2008 through Oct 25, 2009
Since the 1850s many of the most recognized names in photography have focused their lenses in and on Santa Fe. Through their creative efforts they have documented a particular place and its visual history. They helped create that “place” and the mystique of Santa Fe. Photography has long been significant in the construction of notions of space and place, landscape and identity, and especially in Santa Fe, however malleable visual meaning may be, has helped define the geographical imagination.

Curated by photographer and educator Krista Elrick and Palace of the Governor Curator of Photography, Mary Anne Redding, Through the Lens: Creating Santa Fe, examines the history of Santa Fe through the visual record created by internationally respected photographers.

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