March 15th Deadline: “2008 Emerging Photographer Fund” Burn Photography Grant

From the Burn Magazine website:

“A $10,000 grant  will be awarded in early 2009 to a worthy emerging photographer whose work is on the highest level.

Funding would be designed to support continuation of  this photographer’s personal project. This body of work may be of either journalistic mission  or purely personal artistic imperatives…

The Emerging Photographer Fund grant  was initiated by David Alan Harvey in 2008, and is awarded by the Magnum Foundation, a non-profit created by the the  member photographers from Magnum Photos, Inc…Funding for the EPF has come from several  private donors who have chosen to remain anonymous.

A  five person jury will be named to review your work.

The 2008 Emerging Photographer Fund grant was awarded to Sean Gallagher for his essay  on the environmental “desertification” of China.

The  DEADLINE for submissions is  MARCH 15, 2009. No exceptions.

For you  to submit to the  EPF,  we need a uniform way of presenting your essay to the jurors. We have chosen PhotoShelter as our partner for this. Submissions not following the process below unfortunately cannot be considered for the EPF grant. You will be notified IF you are one of the finalists for this grant.”

BURN is an evolving journal for emerging photographers.  Burn is curated by Magnum photographer David Alan Harvey.”

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