“The New Business of Photography” and other upcoming classes at the Santa Fe Workshops

One of the joys of teaching at Santa Fe Workshops, for me, is the opportunity to learn from my colleagues as well as the participants.  This winter, I am teaching a new course (and my only one-week workshop this year):  The New Business of Photography, MARCH 8-14, during which we will examine a diverse range of market segments – fine art, commercial, editorial, corporate, publishing, packaging/graphic design, licensing and more – and how one most successfully engages in those areas.  We will discuss effective communication in print and online to understanding challenging contracts, it is going to be an engaging week in our classroom and on site visits to professionals at galleries, museums, publishers, magazines, commercial studios and more; each of the participants will have time to work with me one-on-one as well to discuss their work and their careers.   A few spaces remain as of this writing; contact their offices at (505) 983-1400.

In addition to fantastic workshops with a host of talented teachers, I want to mention a few more workshops at Santa Fe this season that are rare opportunities to work closely with individuals you might not have the chance to learn from otherwise:

Carlan TappExploring the Photographic Narrative with New Visual Media March 22-28

The ability to bring your stories to a broader audience utilizing new technology is exciting and essential in today’s global marketplace.

Also March 22-28:  Sam Abell and Leah Bendavid-Val (listen here to an NPR interview):  Publishing the Photographic Book

This class is legendary; countless photographers credit working with Sam and Leah as pivotal to the evolution and publication of their personal projects.

This year for the first time, an accompanying class immediately following Sam and Leah’s (but not required):

Designing your Photographic Book with Mim Adkins and Elsa Kendal March 29 – April 4: encyclopedic in what will be covered!

Also March 31 – April 4th:  last but not least in this short overview:

The Editorial Portrait with NY Times Magazine photo editor KIRA POLLACK and photojournalist GILLIAN LAUB.  Honestly, the idea of working with these two consummate professionals for a week is unbelievable.  If you have a desire to work for clients at Kira’s level, and to engage with your subjects with a strong personal style as Gillian does on both commissioned and personal projects, this is a rare opportunity to experience not just those skills but also the editor-photographer relationship.

I would love to be in each of these class for my own continuing education.  See you in Santa Fe, if not for the week with me, for time with these incredible instructors!


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