Review Santa Fe, Project Competition and Singular Image Competition: Deadline JANUARY 23

All my readers know how strongly I feel about the value of attending a portfolio review event.  Review Santa Fe, a tough juried competition, brings together a group of reviewers that typically includes more publishers than any other review events.  Projects get signed.  Gallery and museum relationships are established.  Top photo editors are introduced to photographers and images previously unknown to them.  Participation with work that is ready can make a difference in your path as an artist, from both a creative and a business standpoint.   Twenty images (well edited and sequenced) and a one-page (or less) statement are required for submission.

Odds are that 1 in 6 will be accepted.  If at first you don’t succeed, try again next year.

You can apply for all competitions with one submission in print or digital format = ease in applying.

You can’t miss the deadline however – the website says Deadline for entries: JANUARY 23 (Received)

The guidelines and FAQ’s are extensive – READ EVERYTHING and get it right.

Go to:

So:  Write.  Edit.  Edit some more.

Sequence your images.  Edit.  Sequence.  Edit some more.

Don’t miss the deadline.  I look forward to getting to know you and your work June 4-6th at Review Santa Fe!


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