Susan Meiselas exhibition at ICP: Not to be missed, ends January 4th

The exhibition SUSAN MEISELAS: IN HISTORY continues at ICP through January 4th, 2009; if you have not seen it, I strongly encourage you to do so.

There is a section of the installation that I will not soon forget, in which her recently-reprinted publication Nicaragua has been installed page by page, with those images that were bought by collectors as fine prints presented in matted and framed, the images licensed featured in that context about the line of book pages, and below that line, the out-takes of images we have come to know well, providing an interesting window on how she worked on that project and how the images took on a life of their own in multiple markets. Then, on the fourth and final wall in that room, one image and all of its many and diverse reproductions are gathered together: “Molotov Man” has been wide written about (see “On the rights of Molotov Man: Appropriation and the art of the context” authored by Meiselas and painter Joy Garnet (Harpers Magazine, February 2007)

Susan Meiselas was a guest on the Leonard Lopate show 10/20, click from that page to hear the WNYC radio interview, and see a slide show.

The exhibition is organized by Kristen Lubben, Associate Curator at ICP, and is accompanied by a catalogue including essays by Lucy Lippard, David Levi-Strauss, Elizabeth Edwards, and others.

On the exhibition website page you can read an excerpt from an interview Meiselas conducted with exhibition curator Kirsten Lubben titled “Returning to Kurdistan.” You can hear Susan speaking to guests about her work at the opening of the exhibition on at link from this bottom of this page.

Again, not to be missed.

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