The results are in: CRITICAL MASS 2008 Finalists posted

Critical Mass 2008, the competition sponsored by PhotoLucida, has nearly completed the judging process.

The TOP FIFTY PORTFOLIOS are posted in alphabetical order by first name on the left-hand side of the PhotoLucida blog entry here.

The six photographers from the top group who have been named finalists for the 2008 Book Award are:

Celine Clanet

Jeffris Elliott

Andy Freeberg

Priya Kambli

Pablo Lopez Luz


Graham Miller

The publications showcasing projects from the winners of the Critical Mass 2006 Books have been released and are available for sale.  They are:

THE LAST ICEBERG by Camille Seaman




Congratulations to the finalists, and most importantly, thanks to all who entered! I enjoy serving on the team of judges for this competition more than any other; seeing ten images from one body of work, in a sequence you select, and reading a statement provided by the entrants provides an effective window on new work.  Often I have the pleasure of meeting photographers whose work had been introduced to me through this competition.  I will be sure to post the submission deadline for next deadline (fall 2009).

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