Upcoming Lecture series at MoMA, begins November 25th: “The True, the Beautiful, and the Good: Reconsiderations in a Postmodern, Digital Era”

From the MoMA Adult Education page, these interesting talks on November 25, December 2 and December 9, as follows:

The True, the Beautiful, and the Good: Reconsiderations in a Postmodern, Digital Era

Theater 1 (The Roy and Niuta Titus Theater 1), T1

November 25
Kinds and Degrees of Truths. Moderated by Peter Galison, Pellegrino University Professor in the History of Science and Physics, Harvard University

December 2
Beauty and Its Successors. Moderated by Paola Antonelli, Curator, Department of Architecture and Design, The Museum of Modern Art

December 9
The Good: Seen through the Prisms of Biology, Culture, and History. Moderated by Antonio Damasio, David Dornsife Professor of Neuroscience, and Director, Brain and Creativity Institute, University of Southern California

In this unprecedented lecture series, world-renowned psychologist Howard Gardner offers an extended reflection on the concepts of Truth, Beauty, and the Good in a postmodern, digital age. Drawing from philosophy, history, natural sciences, and cultural theory, Gardner analyzes how a sophisticated understanding of the power and limitations of these concepts can come about; and how best to understand what is essential, expendable, or deceptive about truth, beauty, goodness, and their opposites.

Howard Gardner is widely considered one of the foremost psychologists working today. He is the author of over twenty books translated into twenty-seven languages, and several hundred articles. Gardner is best known in educational circles for his theory of multiple intelligences, a critique of the notion that there exists but a single human intelligence that can be assessed by standard psychometric instruments. Building on his studies of intelligence, Gardner is also the author of Leading Minds, Changing Minds, and Extraordinary Minds. He is the John H. and Elisabeth A. Hobbs Professor of Cognition and Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Among numerous honors, Gardner received a MacArthur Prize Fellowship in 1981. In 1990, he was the first American to receive the University of Louisville’s Grawemeyer Award in Education and in 2000 he received a Fellowship from the John S. Guggenheim Memorial Foundation. He has received honorary degrees from twenty-two colleges and universities in the U.S. and abroad.

This program is supported by The Fannie and Stephen Kahn Charitable Foundation.

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Tickets ($10; members $8; students, seniors, and staff of other museums $5) can be purchased online, or at the Museum’s lobby information desk and Film desk.

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