“Today’s Front Pages” display at The Newseum in DC – not to be missed!

One of my favorite offerings at The Newseum (555 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, DC) is a program branded as “Today’s Front Pages.” When visiting the museum, this display runs along the entire length of the museum’s exterior, an amazing site offering visitors a window on the world today. The display continues inside.

Today, on this historic day in American history, is a great time to check out the online component of “Today’s Front Pages” and learn about the world response to our historic presidential election through today’s actual front pages of 595 newspapers from 61 counties. From small-town America to capital cities of the world, from the Rocky Mountain News to the Chicago Sun Times, from Diario do Comercio (Brazil) to Publico (Spain), from Sabah (Turkey) to mX (Australia), Don’t miss seeing “Today’s Front Pages” TODAY!

If I were in Washington, DC today, seeing this amazing display at this extraordinary museum would be on my agenda. Don’t miss a trip to The Newseum.

NOTE:  To view 730 Front Pages from 66 countries on 11/4/08, this is the archived link


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