FAZAL SHEIKH Workshop/lecture at Santa Fe Art Institute Monday October 13 /14

Although I’ve never met Fazal Sheikh, I have long admired his work. Those of you who have studied with me know how I admire the simple and clear manner in which he has stated his intentions and passions on the home page of his website. If in the area, don’t miss this lecture and workshop.

Fazal Sheikh
10/13 Lecture, 6pm Tipton Hall, College of Santa Fe

From the SFAI.org site:

10/13, 6pm Tipton Hall
$5 general public, $2.50 students/seniors/SFAI members

10/13-14, Fazal Sheikh Individual & Group Workshop Session, SFAI. Call for specific scheduling and pricing info

“It is one thing to photograph a group of people, it is another to try to understand them,” writes artist and activist Fazal Sheikh. Sheikh uses his simple black and white photographic style to explore social injustice in third world countries. He photographs refugees and torn communities in Pakistan, East India and Africa, among others.To travel, and to observe carefully and with sympathy the people whose lands he visits has been Fazal Sheikh’s practice from the beginning. Most often his work has been with displaced people driven out of their homelands by civil wars, drought and famine, struggling to survive for years in refugee camps where the traditional balance of their lives has been entirely destroyed. Sheikh’s award-winning images are beautiful and haunting, and do not simply provoke, but demand that the viewer contemplate the humanity of his subjects.

Exhibition currently on view at SFAI:

Outsider: Tourism, Migration and Exile

10/4 – 31, 9am – 5pm M-F, SFAI

“An exhibition of work from many of the artists invited to the SFAI this year for lectures and workshops. They include Andrea Robbins and Max Becher, Alfredo Jaar, Fazal Sheikh, Armando Espinosa and Craig Johnson, Chrissie Orr, and Guy Tillim. Additionally, we will show work created in some of our many outstanding youth education programs.” CLOSING PARTY 10/31, 8-10 p.m.

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