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Report from London: Today’s

Check out this piece by Sam Delaney published in today’s London Telegraph on shooting casual snapshots in urban settings: “Has our increasingly parnoid society declared war on the humble ‘weekend’ snapper?”


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“Your (Nonpartisan) Message Here” Your Voice and Art at the Political Conventions SOON!

When I’m on a tear from city to city, the print media piles up in my suitcase… always a delight to discover the gems, slightly old news or not! In case you missed it – Sunday’s New York Times featured an excellent guide to the public art events that the nation, if not the world, will be watching. Click here to read the feature by Julie Bloom. In Denver, “Dialogue:City” was conceived by Seth Goldenberg and includes its Mayor John Hickenlooper as one of the planners. The project has been funded independently from the city budget. In Minneapolis/St. Paul, the “Unconvention,” concieved by Steve Dietz, partners with regional arts organizations and educational institutions. An example: read the Walker Art Center’s blog. There is a strong sense of collaboration with their individual communities as well as the other host metropolis, with some works appearing in both Denver and the Twin Cities. I urge you to engage in these unique festivals at this extraordinary time.

Some of you will remember Steve Dietz from his years in publishing photographic books for Aperture, moving on to head publications and new media initiative as the National Museum of American Art and the Smithsonian, and later as the founding director of New Media Initiatives for the Walker Art Center. It has been terribly interesting watching his work integrating emerging media arts into our public museums and indeed our communities. He headed “ZeroOne San Jose: A Global Festival of Art on the Edge at the 13th International Symposium of Electronic Art (ISEA) and is a principle in YProductions in Minneapolis.

Click here to read an early piece Dietz authored during his tenure at the Walker entitled “beyond.interface: net art and Art on the Net II.” Note that within his bio in this piece, it states: In December, he is curating an exhibition, “Digital Documentary: the need to know and the urge to show” for pARTS Photographic Arts Gallery in Minneapolis. 1998, I believe. Ahead of the curve, and always one to lead us into tomorrow.

Seth Goldenberg’s work is new to me, coming from a position as the Director of the Office of Public Engagement at the Rhode Island School of Design to serving as director and curator of “Dialog:City.” He is clearly a for-the-people person, one who shares the spotlight and the credit, as the “ABOUT” page on the event website attests to. Something tells me that Goldenberg will be drawing the public to exciting community arts projects for years to come.

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