Curse of the Black Gold: Ed Kashi interview and video on NPR

I’m a fan of Weekend Edition on NPR. This morning, just after hearing Daniel Shorr sing “Brother Can You Spare A Dime?” came the familiar voice of photojournalist ED KASHI. Ed spoke with Weekend Edition Sunday‘s host Liane Hansen about his newest book Curse of the Black Gold about the effects of the oil industry on the Niger Delta. You can hear the 5 minute segment, and view the “Web Extra” short video within this page view.

Ed has produced an incredibly informative website for the book:

Selections from this project were accepted into the 2008 Communications Arts Photography Annual (coming in August).

Be sure to visit Ed’s great website, organized by PORTFOLIOS, PHOTO ESSAYS, PUBLISHED, MULTIMEDIA/FILMS, BOOK PROJECTS, LICENSE IMAGES and more – reflections of an interesting career, one rich with completed projects and broad audience reach.

Don’t miss NIGERIAN OIL: The Great Spoiler the multimedia piece National Geographic produced with Ed’s photographs and audio.

Ed and his partner Julie Winokur were early adopters to multimedia in order to give voice to their subjects; they have collaborated with Brian Storm on many groundbreaking projects. They include The Sandwich Generation, Friends for Life and most recently Iraqi Kurdistan. I never miss the chance to hear them speak about their important work, and look forward with great anticipation to their next project. They are role models for the next generation of photographers, photojournalists and filmmakers.


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