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Lecture by Andrea Robbins and Max Becher at Santa Fe Art Institute, June 2nd

From the e-blast from the Santa Fe Art Institute:

“The primary focus of photographers Andrea Robbins and Max Becher’s work is, by their own definition, the transportation of place – situations in which one limited or isolated place strongly resembles another distant one. Everywhere, not only in the new world, such situations are accumulating and accepted as genuine locales – for example the New York New York and Paris hotels in Las Vegas, NV. Traditional notions of place, in which culture and geographic location neatly coincide, are being challenged by legacies of slavery, colonialism, holocaust, immigration, tourism, and mass-communication.

Robbins & Becher plan to centralize their workshop around of the physical and theoretical problems of working in “new” locations both in terms of settling in (the nuts and bolts of “entering” a place), as well as some of the problems of picturing people (through portraiture, artifacts and architecture) and the balancing of the artists concerns with that of the subjects’.

Robbins & Becher are part of the Santa Fe Art Institute’s 2008 curated lecture season “Outsider: Tourism, Migration and Exile.” They, along with 22 other artists and creative thinkers from around the world, will join us to explore the different movements of people, culture and ideas and what role art can and should play.

For more information contact SFAI at 505 424-5050 or”

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