TALKS at LACMA in June: Paul Graham, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Eikoh Hosoe and more

Three great public panels/presentaitons coming up at LACMA. From the LACMA website

Photography Discussion: The Value of Photographs
Thursday, June 5 | 7:00 pm

In this panel discussion, curator of photography Charlotte Cotton and artists Anthony Pearson, Paul Graham, and Soo Kim consider how the way we look at photographs is changing in light of the approaching obsolescence of analog photographic prints. Focusing on the work of each of the individual artists, the panel explores how this shift affects our understanding of the history of photography and the values that we assign to contemporary photographic prints.
Brown Auditorium | Free; tickets required | Tickets are available at the box office one hour before the program begins.

Conversations with Artists: Philip-Lorca diCorcia
Tuesday, June 10 | 7:00 pm
In conversation with curator of photography Charlotte Cotton, the influential photographer Philip-Lorca diCorcia expands on the nature and meaning of his art. LACMA’s exhibition of diCorcia’s photography, which opens May 25, demonstrates his long-term agendas and presents one thousand of his Polaroid pictures together for the first time.
Bing Theater | Free, no reservations

Conversations with Artists: Hosoe Eikoh
Saturday, June 21 | 2:00 pm
Hosoe Eikoh has devoted much of his career to creating images of butoh dancers, setting a benchmark for the visual arts through his fusion of photography with this avant-garde dance tradition. He and curator of Japanese art Hollis Goodall will discuss his work in the exhibition Hosoe Eikoh and Butoh: Photographing Strange Notions, on view in the Pavilion for Japanese Art June 22 through September 14.
Brown Auditorium | Free; tickets required | Tickets are available at the box office one hour before the program begins

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