Lecture/Booksigning in Boston on May 8th at the PRC for NONFICTION: Photographs by Nubar Alexanian From the Film Sets of Erroll Morris

From the PRC Website:

NONFICTION: Photographs by Nubar Alexanian From the Film Sets of Errol Morris
Thursday, May 8, 7pm
BU’s Kenmore Classroom Building, Auditorium 101, 565 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston

Join Nubar Alexanian for a discussion of his new book, which chronicles his 15-year collaboration with Erroll Morris, an Oscar award winning and Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker. Morris is known for creating compelling dramatic reenactments in his documentary films to illustrate actual events. These reenactments, although staged, allow the viewer to more fully experience the details of the events. Alexanian, a documentary photographer, has created still images used in and from several films, including Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control; Mr. Death; the First Person series; and Morris’s current film, Standard Operating Procedure, about the now-famous photographs of torture and abuse at Abu Ghraib. Not only does the book NONFICTION record the two artists’ collaboration, it also investigates the nature of truth and observation as well as our understanding about what it means to bare witness.

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