Photojournalist Philip Jones Griffiths, 1936-2008

Sadly, Philip Jones Griffiths has died at age 72. While the Magnum photojournalist covered many important subjects during his lifetime, he is perhaps best know for his tough work of Vietnam published in a book entitled “Vietnam, Inc.” which was an important document of the war and many credit this body of work with helping to turn public opinion against the war. His study of Vietnam continued with “Agent Orange” and “Vietnam At Peace.” A collection of his best work was published in “Dark Odyssey.”

I have fond memories of Philip from my years working at the Magnum NYC office and beyond. His early corporate work was landmark in its day, bringing a photojournalistic style to images produced for annual reports. But – Philip always refused a commission, no matter what the pay, from any company that has even the slightest bit of association with “the war machine.” I will miss him, his dedication to telling the truth, his tenacity, and the smile he had for all.

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Read the interview with Philip in APERTURE 190 (Spring 2008) here.

Read the article “Agent Orange: Collateral Damage in Viet Nam” written by Philip in Digital Journalist (January 2003) here.


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