HOUSTON: Evening(s) with the FotoFest Artists on March 14 & 19th

From the e-blast: “FOTOFEST‘s Evening with the Artists is a brand new program that seeks to connect the public with the hundreds of artists, curators, and other art professionals visiting Houston for the acclaimed MEETING PLACE Portfolio Review. Both events will be held at the Doubletree Hotel Downtown Houston, 400 Dallas Street:

FRIDAY, March 14 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

WEDNESDAY, March 19 7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

The Meeting Place has been an important part of the FOTOFEST Biennial since its start in 1986. In the organization’s 25 years it has serviced thousands of artists by connecting them with our international network of curators, festival directors, publishers, collectors and gallerists. These meetings have lead to exhibitions, books and representation for many emerging and established artists.

For all of the international respect that the Meeting Place has earned and its status as an open door program that invites observation by any interested parties, the Meeting Place, the artists participating in it, its goals and its opportunities remain shrouded in mystery. In an effort to expose this very important part of the FOTOFEST Biennial, FotoFest has initiated a new program in 2008, Evenings with the Artists, where the public is invited in to see the work of artists that participate in reviews amid a fun-filed and festive atmosphere. It is a chance for people outside of the Meeting Place to meet artists and reviewers, look at work and possibly purchase art directly from artists.

Sponsored by the Houston Press, 42 Below Vodka, KUHF 88.7 FM and the Doubletree Hotel-Downtown, FotoFest invites you and your friends to join us at these exciting free evenings for a view an another side of FOTOFEST2008

Hand in hand with the Meeting Place portfolio Review is the Discoveries of the Meeting Place exhibition, opening this Saturday, March 15 at the Erie City Ironworks building, downtown.

Discoveries of the Meeting Place showcases the work of ten artists from the FOTOFEST2006 Meeting Place Portfolio Review. The 2008 Discoveries artists are Kyund Duk Kim (South Korea), Vincent Delbrouk (Belgium), Seung Woo Back (South Korea), Suk Kuhn Oh (South Korea), Jacob Aue Sobol (Denmark), Katharina Mouratidi (German), Dan Nelken (US), Brian Berman (US), Vojtìch V. Sláma (Czech Republic), and Michelle Sank (UK).”

A reminder to readers that the one-day seminar “PUBLISHING THE PHOTO BOOK TODAY” is being held at the Doubletree Downtown on SUNDAY March 16th; this event is organized by MVS and Darius Himes. Please visit the website for content and registration information.


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