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Review of Review LA and photo la on

Last weekend Review LA and photo la (style of each brand, not typos) took place in Santa Monica. The fair was facinating, as always. See a review at this link. Review LA was held in a light-filled facility and many great images were offered for comment by those who had signed up as soon as the word was out (filled in a day and a 1/2!). The gallery expo “photo la” was conveniently held across the street. The historical material was magical, mid-century and late century classics breath-taking, among them a silver print by Brett Weston and waxed platinum by Doris Ullman I won’t soon forget at Paul M. Hertzmann, Weegee prints at Charles A. Hartman’s impeccably professional booth, glorious photographs of San Francisco in the 50’s and 60’s by Fred Lyon at ModernBook, images by Dan Budnik at Peter Fetterman (one portrait of Coretta and Martin Luther King, the other, Diane Arbus), and Larry Fink at Katrina Doerner.  The contemporary material was a mixed bag from my perspective, some memorable but many of the galleries packing their booths so tight with imagery by their complete roster of artists that it was difficult to see the work. Craig Krull’s installation of Masao Yamamoto was, for me, calm amidst the chaos.   The many publishers present with their offerings of recent and past titles remind us of the joys of the photobook and that we must take good care of these precious objects if we want to share them with future generations!

A reminder that the January 18 deadline for Project Competition/Review Santa Fe (juried portfolio review event) and Singular Image are rapidly approaching; for details visit


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