Darius Himes: “SOME OF MY FAVORITE PHOTOBOOKS of 2007” Posted On His Blog

Friend and colleague Darius Himes has posted his much-awaited year end list of favorite photobooks on his blog. He begins with:

“All around the country, editors and writers have agonized over their list of favorite books from the previous year, publishing them** as guides to gift-giving for the art-lover on your holiday list. But the official shopping season is now over. Money has been spent, gifts given, bellies distended from all of Mom’s cooking.

For the truly obsessed book hound, however, the time to linger over, to covet and dream about the next photobook purchase never really ends; indeed, visions of sugar-plum-colored books is only a click away.

What follows is my own personal list of favorite photobooks of 2007. Some will be familiar because they were featured during my tenure at photo-eye; others will be less familiar simply because they are brand-spanking new. I’ve decided to keep the reviews short and sweet–generally 2-3 sentences–with links to the website of either the publisher or gallery that published the book. Enjoy!”

Don’t miss it!


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