An Interview with BILL JAY by Darius Himes

Today’s PDN On Line edition features an interview with photographer, writer, publisher and author BILL JAY conducted by Darius Himes. The discussion surrounds Jay’s recent publication BILL JAY’S ALBUM, Volume 1 (Nazraeli, 2007), the first of two books showcasing Jay’s photographic portraits of photographers, a practice and passion he has maintained for many years. Like Himes, I too had the great priviledge of studying with Bill Jay at Arizona State University (as did John Boland of the Andrew Smith Gallery, Lisa Sette of the gallery of her own name, Chris Pichler, founder of Nazraeli Press, and the list goes on and on). Bill made this history of culture, the sciences and more come alive to us and I encourage you to read “ENDNOTES” his regular contributions to Lenswork, his previous titles and all that you can get your hands on authored by Bill. Those of you in the San Diego area have the pleasure of the occasional gallery talk at the Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA) near his home just north of there. Don’t miss the chance to read – and if possible, hear – Bill’s commentary on photography. You will be pleased you did.

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